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Publications in 2024


In Situ Reprogramming of Immune Cells Using Synthetic Nanomaterials

Advanced materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.), 2024, e2310168.

Nie, S., Qin, Y., Ou, L., Chen, X., & Li, L.


First-in-human validation of enzymolysis clearance strategy for decreasing renal radioactivity using modified [68Ga]Ga-HER2 Affibody.

European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, 2024, 10.1007/s00259-023-06584-8.

Zhang, M., Kang, F., Xing, T., Wang, J., Ma, T., Li, G., Quan, Z., Yang, W., Chen, X., & Wang, J.


Synergistic Glutathione Depletion and STING Activation to Potentiate Dendritic Cell Maturation and Cancer Vaccine Efficacy

Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English), 2024, e202318530.

Liu, J., Zhang, Y., Yang, B., Jia, Y., Liu, R. T., Ding, L., Shen, Z., & Chen, X.


Long-term Nephrotoxicity after PRRT: Myth or Reality.

Theranostics, 2024, 14(2), 451–459

Baum, R. P., Fan, X., Jakobsson, V., Yu, F., Schuchardt, C., Chen, X., & Zhang, J.


Lower-grade gliomas surgery guided by GRPR-targeting PET/NIR dual-modality image probe: a prospective and single-arm clinical trial.

Theranostics, 2024, 14(2), 819–829

Chen, L., Zhang, J., Chi, C., Che, W., Dong, G., Wang, J., Du, Y., Wang, R., Zhu, Z., Tian, J., Ji, N., Chen, X., & Li, D.


LCP1 knockdown in monocyte-derived macrophages: mitigating ischemic brain injury and shaping immune cell signaling and metabolism

Theranostics, 2024, 14(1), 159–175

Wang, Y., Yin, Q., Yang, D., Jin, H., Yao, Y., Song, J., Liu, C., Nie, Y., Yin, H., Wang, W., Xu, B., Xue, L., Ji, X., Chen, X., & Zhao, H.

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