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Xuejun Wen

Research Fellow

Research interest

Radionuclides-based molecular imaging and translational medicine

Education background

Liang Zhao_edited_edited.jpg

PhD, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Xiamen University, 2023

BSc, Preventive Medicine, Lanzhou University, 2017


  1. Xuejun Wen, Changrong Shi, Xinying Zeng, Liang Zhao, Lanlin Yao, Zhida Liu, Lixia Feng, Deliang Zhang, Jinxiong Huang, Yesen Li, Qin Lin, Haojun Chen, Rongqiang Zhuang, Xiaoyuan Chen*, Xianzhong Zhang*, Zhide Guo*. A paradigm of cancer immunotherapy based on 2-[18F]FDG and anti-PD-L1 mAb combination to enhance the anti-tumor effect. Clin Cancer Res 2022, 28(13), 2923-2937.

  2. Xuejun Wen#, Pengfei Xu#, Xinying Zeng#, Jia Liu, Chao Du, Xueyuan Zeng, Xingxing Cheng, Xueqi Wang, Yuanyuan Liang, Tianzhi Zhao, Hongzhang Yang, Huifeng Li, Lingxin Meng, Jianyang Fang, Hongwu Liu, Zijian Zhou, Jingjing Zhang, Xianzhong Zhang, Zhide Guo, Xiaoyuan Chen. Development of [177Lu]Lu‑LNC1003 for radioligand therapy of prostate cancer with a moderate level of PSMA expression. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 2023.

  3. Liang Zhao#, Xuejun Wen#, Weizhi Xu#, Yizhen Pang, Long Sun, Xiaoming Wu, Pengfei Xu, Jingjing Zhang, Zhide Guo, Qin Lin, Xiaoyuan Chen, Haojun Chen. Clinical Evaluation of 68Ga-FAPI-RGD for Imaging of Fibroblast Activation Protein and Integrin αvβ3 in Various Cancer Types. J Nucl Med 2023; 64:1–8. (co-first author)

  4. Xuejun Wen#, Pengfei Xu#, Mengqi Shi#, Jia Liu, Xinying Zeng, Yiren Zhang, Changrong Shi, Jingchao Li, Zhide Guo*, Xianzhong Zhang*, Pek-Lan Khong*, Xiaoyuan Chen*. Evans blue-modified radiolabeled fibroblast activation protein inhibitor as long-acting cancer therapeutics. Theranostics 2022; 12(1): 422-433.

  5. Xuejun Wen, Changrong Shi, Liu Yang, Xinying Zeng, Xiaoru Lin, Jinxiong Huang, Yesen Li, Rongqiang Zhuang, Haibo Zhu, Zhide Guo*, Xianzhong Zhang*. A radioiodinated FR‑β‑targeted tracer with improved pharmacokinetics through modification with an albumin binder for imaging of macrophages in AS and NAFL. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 2021;

  6. Jie Zang#, Xuejun Wen#, Rong Lin#, Xinying Zeng, Chao Wang, Mengqi Shi, Xueyuan Zeng, Jiaying Zhang, Xiaoming Wu, Xianzhong Zhang, Weibing Miao*, Pengfei Xu*, Zhide Guo*, Jingjing Zhang*, Xiaoyuan Chen*. Synthesis, preclinical evaluation and radiation dosimetry of a dual targeting PET tracer [68Ga]Ga-FAPI-RGD. Theranostics 2022; 12(16): 7180-7190. (co-first author)

  7. Xuejun Wen, Xueyuan Zeng, Jia Liu, Xinying Zeng, Yiren Zhang, Xingxing Cheng, Jinxiong Huang, Yesen Li, Rongqiang Zhuang*, Xianzhong Zhang*, Zhide Guo*. In Vivo Comparative Study of Radioiodinated Folate Receptor Targeting Albumin Probes for Atherosclerosis Plaque Imaging. Bioconjugate Chem 2023, 34, 12, 2387–2397.

  8. Xuejun Wen, Xueyuan Zeng, Xingxing Cheng, Xinying Zeng, Jia Liu, Yiren Zhang, Yesen Li, Haojun Chen, Jinxiong Huang, Zhide Guo*, Xiaoyuan Chen*, Xianzhong Zhang*. PD-L1-targeted radionuclide therapy combined with αPD-L1 antibody immunotherapy synergistically improves the antitumor effect. Mol Pharmaceutics 2022, 19, 3612−3622.

  9. Xuejun Wen, Xinying Zeng, Jia Liu, Yiren Zhang, Changrong Shi, Xiaoming Wu, Rongqiang Zhuang, Xiaoyuan Chen*, Xianzhong Zhang*, and Zhide Guo*. Synergism of 64Cu-labeled RGD with anti-PD-L1 immunotherapy for the long-acting antitumor effect. Bioconjugate Chem 2022, 33, 2170−2179.

  10. Xuejun Wen#, Xinying Zeng#, Changrong Shi, Jia Liu, Yiren Zhang, Mengqi Shi, Jingchao Li, Haojun Chen, Rongqiang Zhuang, Xiaoyuan Chen*, Xianzhong Zhang*, Zhide Guo*. Optimum combination of radiopharmaceuticals-based targeting-triggering-therapy effect and PD-L1 blockade immunotherapy. Adv Therap 2022, 2200193.

  11. Xuejun Wen, Changrong Shi, Duo Xu, Pu Zhang, Zizhen Li, Jindian Li, Xinhui Su, Rongqiang Zhuang, Ting Liu, Zhide Guo*, Xianzhong Zhang*. Radioiodinated Portable Albumin Binder as a Versatile Agent for in Vivo Imaging with Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography. Mol Pharmaceutics 2019;16 (2): 816-824.

  12. Xuejun Wen, Changrong Shi, Liang Zhao, Lanlin Yao, Duo Xu, Xiaoru Lin, Xinhui Su, Ting Liu, Rongqiang Zhuang, Qin Lin*, Haojun Chen*, Zhide Guo*, Xianzhong Zhang*. Immuno-SPECT/PET imaging with radioiodinated anti-PD-L1 antibody to evaluate PD-L1 expression in immune-competent murine models and PDX model of lung adenocarcinoma. Nucl Med Biol 2020; 86–87: 44–51.

  13. Jie Zang#, Rong Lin#, Xuejun Wen#, et al. A Head-to-Head Comparison of 68Ga-LNC1007 and 2-18F-FDG/68Ga-FAPI-02 PET/CT in Patients With Various Cancers. Clin Nucl Med 2023;48: 861–868. (co-first author)

  14. Lanlin Yao#, Xuejun Wen#, Wei Guo, Jianyang Fang, Xianzhong Zhang, Zhide Guo*, Jinxiong Huang*, and Yesen Li*. Novel radiolabeled TMTP1 for long-acting hepatocellular carcinoma therapeutics. Mol Pharmaceutics 2022, 19, 9, 3178–3186. (co-first author)

  15. Yiren Zhang, Xuejun Wen, Yanjie Wang, Xia Yang, Yingxi Chen, Xinying Zeng, Yesen Li, Jinxiong Huang, Zhide Guo*, Xianzhong Zhang*. Longitudinal microSPECT imaging of systemic sclerosis model mice with [99mTc]Tc-HYNFA via folate receptor Targeting. Mol Pharmaceutics 2023, 20, 473−480.

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