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Lin Shen

Research Fellow

Research interest

Regulation of immune metabolism in multiple disease model research

Education background

Liang Zhao_edited_edited.jpg

PHD, Surgery, Wenzhou Medical University, 2023

MSc, Surgery, Shandong First Medical University, 2020

BSc, Clinical Medicine, Shandong First Medical University, 2016


  1. Shen Lin, Li Han. Integrated application of transcriptome and metabolomics reveals potential therapeutic targets for the polarization of atherosclerotic macrophages. Biochimica et biophysica acta-molecular basis of disease. 2022. 1868(12): p. 166550.

  2. Shen Lin, Chen Weiyue. The role of metabolic reprogramming of oxygen-induced macrophages in the dynamic changes of atherosclerotic plaques. The FASEB Journal. 2023; 37:e22791

  3. Shen Lin, Li Han. DEPDC1 as a crucial factor in the progression of human osteosarcoma. Cancer medicine. 2023 Mar;12(5):5798-5808.

  4. Shu Gaofeng, Shen Lin. Fucoidan-based dual-targeting mesoporous polydopamine for enhanced MRI-guided chemo-photothermal therapy of HCC via P-selectin-mediated drug delivery. Asian journal of pharmaceutical sciences. 2022. 17(6): p. 908-923.

  5. Shen L, Zhao K, Li H, Ning B, Wang W, Liu R, et al. Down-regulation of UBE2T can enhance the radiosensitivity ofosteosarcoma in vitro and in vivo. Epigenomics. 2019;11(11):1283-305.

  6. Li H, Shen L, Zhang L, Yan B, Sun T, Guo F, Yin X. Reduced Beige Adipogenic Potential in Subcutaneous Adipocytes Derived from Obese Chinese Individuals. Diabetes Metab Syndr Obes. 2020 Jul 17;13:2551-2562.

  7. Wu P, Shen, L, et al. The marriage of immunomodulatory, angiogenic, and osteogenic capabilities in a piezoelectric hydrogel tissue engineering scaffold for military medicine. Military Med Res, 2023,  10, 35.

  8. Wang W, Su Y, Tang S, Li H, Xie  W, Chen J, Shen L, et al. Identification of noncoding  RNA  expression  profiles  and  regulatory  interaction  networks following   traumatic   spinal   cord   injury   by   sequence   analysis.   Aging. 2019;11(8):2352-68.

  9. Wang W, Tang S, Li H, Liu R, Su Y, Shen L, et al. MicroRNA-21a-5p promotes fibrosis  in  spinal fibroblasts  after  mechanical  trauma.  Experimental  cell research. 2018;370(1):24-30.

  10. Zhao K, Yang SY, Geng J, Gong X, Gong W, Shen L, et al. Combination of anginex gene therapy and radiation decelerates the growth and pulmonary metastasis    of   human    osteosarcoma    xenografts.    Cancer    medicine. 2018, 7(6):2518-2529

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